Making your Father's Day

Ellis Hourshid
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The horological world can be a confusing place to navigate. (Source: The Watch Gallery)

Think of the hours he spent explaining long division, cleaning up scraped knees, reading bedtime stories.

The hours taken up mending your bike, listening to your teenage angst writ large in loud music coming from your room, practically running an unlicensed mini-cab service for you and your friends. And then now, the hours spent advising on plumbing and partners and workplace woes. You owe this man. He deserves a little time. What gift is more appropriate than a watch?

We’ve established that the man deserves a timepiece. But which watch to give? The horological world can be a confusing place to navigate, so we’ve put together a little quiz to help you on your gift-giving way. Whether your budget be champagne or rather, lemonade; your father be action man or Atticus Finch; we’ve got you covered.

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